• Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD).

    The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) is an initiative to clean up the emissions from fossil fuel heating systems

    and improve air quality. It is set to have a massive impact on commercial and horticultural industry .

  • We serve many commercial and horticultural industries across East Anglia and Home Counties,

    and can help minimise the impact of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD)

    For commercial energy users, there are many oil and gas boilers that will fall into the criteria of the MCPD


    Medium Combustion Plants vary in purpose, from heating and cooling systems to small-scale power generation. For users across East Anglia and the Home Counties of Eastern England which we cover, there are many oil and gas boilers that will fall into the criteria of the MCPD.


    A medium combustion plant (MCP) includes a combustion unit (engine, boiler or turbine), any abatement and the attached stack or flue, along with any air cooling where it forms part of the combustion unit. MCP does not include fuel handling/storage, waste handling, external water or air cooling.


    In principle, any boiler of over 5MW input (input, not output), will need to comply with Medium Combustion Plant Directive by 1st January 2025. Following this, any boiler of over 1MW, will need to comply with MCPD by 1st January 2030.


    What is the difference between a New MCP and an Existing Plant?

    A new MCP is a combustion unit that was first fired on or after 20 Dec 2018. Anything used before that is called existing plant.


    The advice from the Combustion Engineering Association is: "Change the fuel and you are 'new'; change anything else and you are 'existing'. Buy a new boiler and it is 'new'."


    Compliance with the MCPD regulations is all about emissions and the extent of the work required is largely going to be dependant on the age, condition, capacity and running hours of the plant. Again, industry advice is generally being led by the boiler manufacturers, and whilst the advice is being pushed towards replacement of your boiler equipment, compliance may be possible through burner replacements and or capacity de-rating.

  • Do contact us to discuss your requirements. Maybe consider and discuss the integration of alternative heat and energy source options with us too.

    Our partnership with Gasway ensures that qualified engineers oversee all installations, including government-compliant oil and gas boilers under the Medium Combustion Plant Directive. Additionally, we offer expertise in designing, implementing, servicing, and ensuring compliance for alternative heat and energy source components as required.