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    With over 30 years technical experience, we deliver a range of commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineering solutions to both small, medium and large commercial enterprises across London, East Anglia and the Home Counties. Ranging from project management to supply and commissioning to ongoing cyclic servicing contracts, plus responsive and essential repair resolution for legacy installations and plant rooms. Our goal is to always help you achieve an energy efficient system.
    We can also help you fulfill your legal responsibilities, and extend the life of, or upgrade existing systems - always with the view of helping keeping overheads down, to the benefit of both the business bottom line and maintaining a comfortable working environment.
    By selecting from some of Europe’s leading manufacturers we will always ensure where possible that the most energy efficient heating system component can be specified for your needs. We are also qualified and experienced in the technical integration of renewable energy components into existing systems to help you save as energy bills increase.
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  • Types of Commercial and Industrial Heating

    We understand the challenges of heating commercial and industrial spaces. With our coverage extending across East Anglia, London and the Home counties, we serve many business sectors, premise types and building specific heating and ventilation requirements. This can range from older historic buildings to state-of-the-art facilities as well as apartment conversions, offices and other commercial buildings. On a daily basis we provide heating M&E services to all sectors, plus commercial compliance testing, auditing and legal insurance certification too.

    Overall heating a commercial or industrial building where people work or relax is important for creating the right environment for both staff, visitors and the right conditions for the buildings use, including any industrial processes. Commercial and industrial heating systems differ from residential heating because of the often vast increase in square footage that the the heating needs to remain effective, as such there are many different considerations to take into account. A residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is only required to heat or cool a small family dwelling with relatively static needs. A commercial or industrial HVAC system serves a larger space and may also be divided into different zones, offices or departments that have specifically different heating or cooling requirements. The options for heating a larger space comes down to two options: radiant or warm air. The following explains the different types of system in a little more detail.
    The type of heating system needed for your commercial premises depends on the space you have and what it’s used for, whether that’s storage, manufacture, office space or another purpose. For more information or to discuss your commercial or industrial heating system requirements, get in touch.