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    We have an experienced team of boiler heating engineers who provide commercial and industrial boiler maintenance and repair solutions across London, East Anglia and the Home Counties. We understand sector specific commercial gas, heating and boiler requirements too, from industrial scale plant rooms to offices and retail premises, schools and colleges to hospitals and care homes, private establishments and public venues.


    Our Commercial team understand the important role that commercial heating infrastructure can play in both commercial and industrial premises; that if things go wrong, it can have consequences beyond that of any domestic scale issue. Whether it’s routine maintenance of a commercial boiler system, or responsive and essential work repairing or replacing components associated with the heating system or even an upgrade with more energy-efficient or environmentally beneficial technology, Blueflame can complete the task to the highest of standards, no matter the size of job.


    Combine all this with over three decades of experience in the central heating sector as well as early adopters of renewable energy technology and integration too , it is easy to see why Blueflame and Gasway Commercial are a smart choice for your commercial heating and energy needs.

    Commercial Boiler Servicing. Blueflame Commercial
    Our commercial engineers are qualified and experienced to service and repair every type of commercial gas fired and oil boiler. We also maintain industrial heating appliances and plant room equipment. Contact us for a quote today.


    Commercial Boiler Repair. Blueflame Commercial
    We will only provide an experienced engineer to repair your commercial boiler or heating component. Our engineers are local to various points in our service area to aid response as well as reduce unwanted downtime to your business.
    Commercaiel Heating Planned Maintenance Contracts. Blueflame Commercial
    We can provide tailored planned maintenance contracts and service agreements for every type of commercial boiler. We also cover many other types of industrial heating too. Contact us for a quote today.
  • Commercial Boiler Servicing, Repair, Planned Maintenance and Compliance

    One of the most important assets at any factory or refinery are its commercial boilers and heating infrastructure; being essential for the production of energy and other industrial operations. Due to this significance, frequent inspection and maintenance should be undertaken. Unfortunately, irregardless of whether your business uses its boiler for brewing beer, pharmaceutical processing, or food processing capabilities; commercial boiler problems can and do happen, of course usually when you least expect or need it! Also, if a commercial boiler problem is not fixed right away, it will only get worse over time.


    Among the commercial solutions which Blueflame-Gasway provide, includes routine planned preventative maintenance and compliance. Engaging services from a commercial heating engineering is universally recognised as best industry practice. We will identify and remedy your commercial boiler issues before they progress into anything worse, and is the best way to take control and limit the likelihood of any commercial heating problems. (It is always wise to call Blueflame-Gasway anyway and never take any chances if you’re worried about any system component or if your commercial boiler is having issues.)


    Overall we provide an array of commercial boiler servicing, repairs, planned proventative maintenance and commercial compliance services which we can tailor to your specific requirements.


    Let’s take a look at a few ways how Blueflame Gasway Commercial Boiler services will help your business ...

    Commercial Boiler Servicing. Blueflame Commercial

    Planned preventative maintenance helps prevent emergency shutdown

    One of the most significant reasons why good boiler maintenance is so important is that it helps prevent boiler-related emergency shutdowns.


    In most industrial facilities, boilers are essential pieces of equipment. The plant’s entire operation could halt if the boiler breaks, halting production and costing the facility lost productivity. 

    Commercial Boiler Repair. Blueflame Commercial

    Commercial Boiler Maintenance Increases Boiler Efficiency

    Boilers consume a lot of fuel. The boiler system must run as effectively as possible in order to maintain low fuel and energy expenditures while optimising output.


    The ability to identify and address boiler efficiency issues depends heavily on routine maintenance and inspections.

    Commercial Boiler Planned Maintenance Contracts. Blueflame Commercial

    Commercial Boiler Maintenance Increases Lifespan of the Boiler

    Boilers are very expensive capital purchases. No commercial or industrial operation plant will want to purchase a new boiler because they did not take sufficient care of their old boiler. Proper planned preventative maintaining of commercial boilers helps them last longer, reducing the need for expensive replacement.

    Commercial Heating Planned Maintenance Contracts. Blueflame Commercial

    Planned Preventative Maintenance Helps Reduce Boiler Accidents

    At every business health and safety measures should be of the utmost importance. Accidents not only have the tragic risk of injuring human staff, but the potential to severely damage the facility’s structure too.


    By establishing a routine to methodically and efficiently identify and remedy any potential issues before any accident may be caused, best practice commercial boiler maintenance will help prevent any related boiler system mishaps from happening.

    Commercaiel Heating Planned Maintenance Contracts. Blueflame Commercial

    Planned Commercial Boiler Maintenance Saves Money

    The common thread among all of these significant advantages of planned preventative commercial boiler maintenance is that it ultimately saves the business money - whether the financial savings from avoiding shutdowns, boosting productivity and efficiency, keeping the boilers in operation for longer, or preventing accidents.


    Planned preventative boiler maintenance, inspections, servicing and compliance is a small outlay relatively.

    Commercaiel Heating Planned Maintenance Contracts. Blueflame Commercial

    Boiler Maintenance Retains Compliance and Auditing Results

    For an organisation to retain legal compliance with both law and regulations set by industry and accreditation bodies is crucial.


    By law, businesses and landlords are required to give tenants a copy of the building’s Gas Safety Certificate. Among the regulations you need to be aware of include The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974), Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992, and the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.