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    From integrating an energy efficient, wall or concealed ceiling air-conditioning system for a home or small office to a fully environmental zone controlled cooling, heating and ventilation system for a commercial premises - we have the relevant technical expertise, engineering experience and solutions for you. Be it project specification and design, to supply products (through direct premium partnerships) or installation, maintenance and servicing solutions, we can ensure that you or your business remain in a comfortable environment - and with the minimum of environmental impact.


    Our MCS approved specialist renewable-energy technology engineers can complement our air-conditioning teams skill-sets to help incorporate the best low-carbon technologies to help you cost effectively and efficiently generate your own energy from natural resources such as the sun, wind, and water too.

    Commercial Air conditioning. London. Essex. Blueflame

    There are many air conditioning unit options these days. They all are non-imposing designs with impressive functionality and great value, plus sound environmental credentials.

    Commercial Air conditioning. London. Essex. Blueflame.

    Concealed, ducted and split system air conditioning units are ideal for any interior. They are installed discreetly into false ceilings, so that only the air vents are visible.

    Commercial HVAC controls. London. Essex. Blueflame

    Whether controlled via infra-red remote control, smartphone app or online, today's AC unit's offer far more intelligence and features than many realise.

    Commercial Scale HVAC. Renewable Energy. London. Essex. Blueflame
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